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These 1932 bodys are a Steel

Like so many guys the first time I saw the American Graffiti Coupe I wanted it. You can't have the original so you must build or buy one. I am not big on glass cars. I went on the hunt and found an original 1932. It was in rough shape but I am bringing it back from the dead. I am better that a few years and several $$$$ into my build. I always figured about the time I finished mine they would have a steel reproduction body available. I was right!

There are at least 2 company's in the process of building a new 32 Ford 5 window body's from steel.

The First Company is Hot Rods 5WCoupe made is Sweden

According to their site the complete body's will bee for sale in April 2012 and delivered in June 2012

I don't know much about these body's. From what I see on the site they look pretty nice. It is weird to see these. I have a ton of work into my original 32 just to get it to look like this!

UPDATE!!!!2014 Since I wrote this article in 2012 I have bought a several United Pacific parts for my car and the Quality and attention to detail is impeccable. They also have a new catalog featuring even more parts to bring you 5 window back from the dead. Check it out at

 The Next Company is United Pacific Industries

I know a bit more about these. I have a Buddy in the midst of rebuilding a rusty original 32. He has bought a few piece's and is amazed at the quality of these parts. He says the look and fit is dead on. Anyone working on a 1932 Ford knows that everybody and their brother makes 32 Ford repair panels and that none of them fit correctly! It's nice to hear that someone is finally filling the gap with some quality fitting parts. Once again it's to late for me but if you are in the need of some replacement parts for your original 1932 here is another option for you.

 It didn't surprise me when I heard they had bough an original 1932 Ford to take all of their measurements from.
 I was surprised to hear they have also bought a bunch of original 32 parts to double check their work with.
If you buy a complete body it comes with the windshield frame,door latches,widow regulators and garnish mlds.
So-Cal Speed Shop Sacramento is a dealer. All parts and not available yet. What is available they have in stock

I hear the prices of these are around 22K. Firewall and Dash are extra $. I know at first this sounds like a lot of money. It's not really. You can buy a nice fiberglass body for around the same price. I know if I started with one of these I would be driving it by now! Between the initial purchase price of a 32 and all of the parts you will need to track down and then restore. Add up the time and the money. I know these are not "Real 1932's" but if you don't mind reproduction steel and don't want fiberglass you may want to look into one of these to build your dream ride.  Jeff