Friday, February 27, 2015

Powerglide Magazine #24 My Graffiti Coupe in a French Hot Rod Magazine

Back on the 2012 leg of my coupe's tour of local Hot Rod Shops I was having VooDoo Larry and Adam straighten out some of the 70 plus years of Hot Rodding mayhem that my coupe had been through and I was lucky enough to be in the shop when Powerglide Magazine was doing a "Shop Tour"article on VooDoo Larry's Elk Grove Hot Rod and Kustom's Shop. Since they don't sell Powerglide in the United States It only took me a few years to track this down a copy on the French eBay site.


American Graffiti hooked alot of fans and Larry is no eception. But VooDoo wasn't all gaga for Milner's Coupe like me it was the Pharaohs' Merc that changed his life.

This is actually the second time my car has graced the pages of Powerglide Magazine's Shop Tour. The First time was at Hopperstad Customs of Belvidere. I am still hunting that article.. I don't even know if it has been published yet. Last I heard is it was still in the works.

 Though the article is not about me It is pretty cool that my car made it into a magazine and that American Graffiti was mentioned.

With some luck one day I may make it into English Magazine!!

Till then here is a little of my cars history.

When I bought my coupe back in late 2006 in Fremont Ohio I was told my coupe has had a lot of hot rodding and racing history in that area. I was told the car had had a few owners but they were all from that area. I have tracked the story back to the second owner Alvin. During a phone conversation he shared some stories he remembered about the car.

He said that he purchased the "all original and in pretty good shape" coupe in the mid to late 1940's for five hundred dollars from the original owners. He said they were an nice old local couple.

The tales Alvin told me that day makes me think the car was the car was a typical Jalopy. He talked about a racing at the local drag strip with a  Lassalle transmission and different motors and rear ends and then a breath later he talks about running it around town.

Alvin sold the car in the late 50's early 60's to another local rodder who gave the 32 a 1960's make over. Ten of so years later the coupe would under go yet another transformation when he passed the car along to his son who turned it into a 70's themed ride. Some time in the 80's the car was again passed on to the next generation who took the car apart and after 20 some years with the car still in boxes he ended up losing interest then sold the car. After bouncing through a few quick owners who were always cashing in on the rarity of a steel 1932 5 Window Coupe I acquired the car.

While building my own history with this car it has been fun learning of the cars past lives. Funny thing when I told Alvin I had his old car and was building a Graffiti Coupe out of it he informed me that he didn't like chopped cars.


My Coupe 9-11-2006

My Coupe 02-22-2015

To Be Continued...  . .



  1. It's come a long way since we hauled it from Ohio. You have a lot of time,research & dollars invested in this project & it clearly shows. So glad to see you livin' the dream. ;-)

  2. Glad the coupe is where it belongs now. Those other guys can get a wheelchair and …...