Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wells I'm Floored

Well I take it all back. The Easter Bunny,Santa,The check must be in the mail. My Fenders finally showed up. Mr H has been waiting for me as a matter of fact he has been moving along with out me. Me not being ready and starting without all of my parts finds me backing up a bit. Mr H has been in high gear installing Rockers, Floor Pan, Quarter Panel Patches, Sub-Rails, Inner Wheel Tubs. Now he is reworking the fenders I had done at A&M and adding bolting points that I didn't know I needed for the fenders. Oh well you live learn. Next time I will do things different. Oh wait there is not going to be a next time. When this one is done so am I. I will never get into a project this big again. I buy something else I want to drive it home!

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